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And How You Can Eliminate Them Before It's Too Late!

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Warning! Right Now, there are thieves trying to steal your retirement...

These thieves are not actual people, but instead are representative of critical risks you need to know about, so you can stop them before it’s too late.

I refer to these risks as thieves because I believe they threaten to steal your retirement right out from under your nose. In fact, I go one step further and call them “cunning” thieves because they are subtle, crafty, and sly. 

They operate right in front of our faces, and yet most people don’t even know or realize they exist. 

By discovering the 7 cunning thieves who are trying to ransack your nest egg inside this book, you will have the power to not only save your retirement, but transform it. 

As of 07/24/2024 We have limited copies remaining

here's A Sneak Peak of what you'll Discover inside Who's Stealing Your Retirement

  • The #1 reason most retirees will run out on money (page 19)

  • The ONE thing more devastating than losing money (page 31)

  • The two financial LAWS that make gambling in the stock market a serious threat to your retirement (pages 29 & 33)

  • The most significant risk stock market losses represent for retirees and pre-retirees (and nobody knows about it) (page 35)

  • The critical role The Retirement Red Zone plays in determining your ability to retire successfully (page 39)

  • The two trends that almost guarantee even the wealthiest retirees may run out of money in retirement (page 39)

  • The three MOST important truths about the government and how they will impact your retirement (page 43)

  • The Politicians only real solution to our National Debt crisis (and what that means to you) (page 55)

And much, much more...

As of 07/24/2024 We have limited copies remaining

Meet The Author - Shawn Perkins

CEO - Author - Financial Strategist

Shawn is a Financial Strategist with almost 30 years in the financial services industry. He has helped thousands of families achieve their dream of homeownership. He has helped equally as many families save millions of dollars that would have otherwise been paid to banks, mortgage companies, and credit card companies.

Since 2011, Shawn has been helping his clients protect and grow their savings and retirement dollars without the risk of losing money in the stock market. He also helps his clients create Tax-Free sources of income and streams of income they cannot outlive.

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Bonus #1

Bonus Chapter - How Changes To Social Security Will Impact Your Income

So many people are relying on Social Security benefits in retirement and you may be one of them. It’s important for you to understand what that trouble is, why it exists, Congress’ proposed solutions, and how those proposed solutions will impact future Social Security benefits.

Bonus #2

Bonus Chapter - The Risk With How Money Is Typically Invested

If so many of us would prefer tax-free income in retirement, then why do we have so little, if any, money in tax-free accounts? The answer is that most people don’t know what other options exist. Find out why in this bonus chapter exclusive to readers.

Bonus #3

Live Seminar Recording - Creating A Bulletproof Retirement

Inside this exclusive live recording Shawn shares his exact methods on how to stop losing money, protect your income from higher taxes and never run out of cash. Available now with every book order for a limited time.

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As of 07/24/2024 We have limited copies remaining

what are people saying about the book?

"The book discusses in easy to understand terms how your retirement dollars can be “stolen” or frittered away. I especially found the graphics on tax history and national debt frighteningly compelling. It is comprehensive in the information that is presented, but is not a “sell” for products or processes. It lets the reader make informed choices"

Mike D, Emergency Manager

San Diego, CA

“A captivating book that offers the reader true thought provoking and real life examples that most every reader deals with or is perhaps unaware of. It’s a book like no other I’ve seen on the market today and those who read it with an open mind might just see the value of the information and the opportunity that the author is providing"

Theresa Tumber, Insurance Agent, 

Chesapeake, VA

“I picked up the book with the intent of reading a few pages before dinner, but ended up glued to the page! The author has created a retirement guide that’s compelling, readable, and easy to understand. Whether you’re 18 or 80, there’s bound to be something fresh and relevant for you in ‘Who’s Stealing Your Retirement"

Lex Nelson, Copywriter

Boise, ID

As of 07/24/2024 We have limited copies remaining

This is not just another financial book

If you want to have any chance at living your current lifestyle when you’re retired, you should take

this book seriously. This is perhaps the most valuable financial book you’ll ever read because the information contained inside has the power to not only save your retirement, but transform it.

I have gone to great lengths to make sure there is none of the fluff, hype, and bloat found in most

business books and, instead, I get right to the point. I realize what you are about to read may initially upset, or even scare you. It will probably also make you question what you thought you knew about saving for retirement. But trust me, that’s a good thing! 

All you have to do is cover shipping and handling and tell me where to send it. 

As of 07/24/2024 We have limited copies remaining

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